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Fantastic review of our debut album by in their December 2013 Issue..

“Buoyed by a gorgeous lead vocal from Hayward, “Into Your Arms” works up a transcendent, guitar-heavy swoon that’s pretty much irresistible, while “All the Hopes” makes good on the opener’s promise with three blissful minutes. Such songs reveal that the album’s strengths are rooted not just in its polished shoegaze-pop sound but in the songs’ sparkling melodies. Changing things up, Mayor and Hayward share vocal duties on “The Sea,” with the former handling the verses and the bassist the choruses, while the multi-instrumentalist flies solo on the anthemic “Some Things Are.” Hayward’s vocal turns prove to be particularly haunting, as evidenced by her contributions to “A Long Goodbye,” “Always Tomorrow,” and “Thunder,” and on the instrumental front, the group shows itself to be as adept at delivering high-volume euphoria (“The Last Song”) as chiming pop ballads. Pretty much everything on this superb album hits that ever-elusive sweet spot, and one finds oneself repeatedly captivated by Orange Yellow Red’s ravishing set.”

Read the full Textura Review

They have also kindly featured us as “exceptional artists” in their Spotlight section.

Read an interview with OYR’s vocalist, Philip John Mayor.

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