A 100 year old converted train carriage sits on a desolate beach spit on the South Coast of the UK. The Isle of Wight is just visible, sat in the distance across the water. This is where Philip, Emma and Ross of Orange Yellow Red live and where they recorded their soon to be released debut album, ‘A Rose Made Of Galaxies’; 11 tracks of gorgeous, sparkling, melancholic guitar pop.

Orange Yellow Red came into existence with the demo of the track ‘All The Hopes’. Sounding almost like a more concise Cocteau Twins, being produced by Brian Wilson, it’s every inch the classic, 3 minute pop single. The track was immediately picked up by Invada Records (run by Geoff Barrow of Portishead) and was released on (as well as inspired) the label’s 2008 compilation ‘The Secret Garden Vol. 1′.

“‘All The Hopes’ really was the first song we wrote, so the instant positive reaction really took us by surprise. We knew it was good, but without trying to sound jaded, that doesn’t mean others will get it the way that you do” says the bands co-vocalist, Philip. “Then, gig offers and various deals came in, but we just weren’t ready. We literally only had a couple of songs written at that point.”

“We did a couple of brilliant gigs with the likes of SPC-ECO and Ulrich Schnauss, who had asked us to support him, and then made the decision to retire back into the studio at the beach house to write and record the debut album proper.” Emma, the band’s other vocalist says, “We just wanted to make the pop record we wanted to hear, but in the way The Cure’s “Head on the Door” or “Pet Sounds” is a pop record…packed with cool melodies but still somehow aches…like all the best pop records do.”

Orange Yellow Red are:

Emma Hayward: Voice, Bass Guitar
Philip John Mayor: Voice, Guitar, Drums, Synthesizers
Ross King: Guitar


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