A Rose Made Of Galaxies



  1. Into Your Arms
  2. All The Hopes
  3. The Sea
  4. Some Things Are
  5. A Long Goodbye
  6. We Ran
  7. Shattered
  8. Always Tomorrow
  9. Thunder
  10. The Last Song
  11. Of Yesterday (Bonus Track)

Album Reviews

Debut album from British dreampop trio delivers an avalanche of Cocteaus-meet-Cure swirling pop, all delicately balanced on Emma Hayward’s soaring vocals and Ross King and Philip John Mayor’s serpentining guitar duets not heard to such devastating effect since The Chameleons’ heyday.
The ethereal tunes have a little more meat than the typically airy Cocteau soundscapes…perhaps The Heart Throbs are a better reference point, particularly when Hayward’s vocals are double tracked, as on the sublime “All The Hopes”.
The band’s acknowledged influences (The Cure’s Head On The Door and The Beach Boys Pet Sounds) are successfully captured via crystalline guitar lines that would do Robert Smith proud and the multilayered arrangements fill all available spaces with a warm envelope of ear candy.
Ruminative tracks like “The Sea” and “Thunder“ add some nice melancholic touches that balance out the more visceral pop thrusts and “Some Things Are” might just be their “In Between Days”.
If you thought that sweet little perfect pop tunes were disappearing under the bombastic assault of untalented wannabes on all those idol shows, take time to seek this one out and restore your faith in the pop music scene.
Simply wonderful!
- Review by Jeff Penczak/2013
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Orange Yellow Red has dropped one of the most consistently impressive albums of the year with A Rose Made of Galaxies. Jangle and drone supported by strong pop sensibilities, every pre-release snippet of this album we’d heard was beautiful and engaging. Now the full album is out, and Orange Yellow Red do not disappoint. Tuneful and engaging from the opening track, OYR grab you with “Into Your Arms”, and keep you for the duration of the album. You can tell that the Chichester band has a healthy respect for the 4AD sound, and they reference it without rehashing it. You’ll find shades of Cocteau Twins, poppier Cure, and the harmonies of Lush on offer here, wrapped up in a mature but not overproduced sound.
Some bands can easily drop a compelling single, but fail when it comes to filling out a full album. A Rose Made of Galaxies shifts colors and tones with every track, but stays consistently engaging. Not content to hide behind layers of reverb, these folks write songs. It seems a crime to list highlights, as there’s so much here to love, but start with the lead track “Into Your Arms”, then try “Shattered”, “We Ran”, “All The Hopes”, and you’ll have a pretty good idea what we’re gushing over. Beautiful, inventive, refreshing. We need more of this.
Find Orange Yellow Red’s A Rose Made of Galaxies via Bandcamp, Saint Marie Records, and the usual suspects. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter. And you’ll be hearing a lot more from them on DKFM.
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Buoyed by a gorgeous lead vocal from Hayward, “Into Your Arms” works up a transcendent, guitar-heavy swoon that's pretty much irresistible, while “All the Hopes” makes good on the opener's promise with three blissful minutes. Such songs reveal that the album's strengths are rooted not just in its polished shoegaze-pop sound but in the songs' sparkling melodies. Changing things up, Mayor and Hayward share vocal duties on “The Sea,” with the former handling the verses and the bassist the choruses, while the multi-instrumentalist flies solo on the anthemic “Some Things Are.” Hayward's vocal turns prove to be particularly haunting, as evidenced by her contributions to “A Long Goodbye,” “Always Tomorrow,” and “Thunder,” and on the instrumental front, the group shows itself to be as adept at delivering high-volume euphoria (“The Last Song”) as chiming pop ballads. Pretty much everything on this superb album hits that ever-elusive sweet spot, and one finds oneself repeatedly captivated by Orange Yellow Red's ravishing set.
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"..Hope and despair cycle around to make a viciously delightful album.."
- Review by Travis Boyer 2013

"..a splendid array of sparkling pop gems.. It's melancholy air may well haunt you long after the music fades away."
- The Big Takeover 2013

"..Some shoegaze bands get lost in their own dreaminess and are more on sounds rather than songs but not OYR, they remember the importance of songs and it pays off for them in spades.
A Rose Made Of Galaxies is a wonderful listen from start to finish."
- 2013

"If you only listen to one song tonight, make it “We Ran” by Orange Yellow Red. They’ve absolutely succeeded in their goal of making a shimmering pop record full of lush harmonies and heart-achy stuff. One of the many things that I love about this song is the drumming. I really like the tom fills in the verses, matched by the snare fills in the choruses. Those synths make it a pretty dreamy affair. And I like how it gets just a little bit noisy and chaotic in the choruses.
I really like this album. There’s a good chance that A Rose Made of Galaxies will end up in a favorable slot in my year-end list."
- Review by dlee
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"If the album is as good as Some Things Are, the lads are onto a serious winner. Four minutes of perfect, shimmering guitar pop, this could be your next most favourite thing."
© Copyright 2013

"An album that is only defined with one word: beautiful."
© Copyright 2013

Causing a splash with their debut demo "All The Hopes" which was picked up and comped by Geoff Barrow's Invada Records imprint, most bands would have felt the pressure to deliver a debut full length quick smart, but Orange Yellow Red have taken their time, not hitting the studio until they felt that they had a set of songs they'd want to own themselves, and the resulting album (over four or five years later) "A Rose Made of Galaxies" is well worth the wait.
The Cocteau Twins and the Cure are the two names that are most often used to reference OYR, and the comparisons are certainly justified with a spacious, expansive sound that sits squarely at the dreampop end of the shoegaze spectrum with Emma Hayward's ethereal vocal making the Cocteau's comparison almost inevitable.
And while there are plenty of moments that sound like they're directly inspired by these two acts -"The Sea" has a brooding, minor key quality that would have fit right in on the Cure's "Pornography", while "Into Your Arms" revelatory chorus pulls at the same heartstrings that Elizabeth Fraser used to routinely pluck - OYR are much more than a tribute act, with moments like the emotive chorus of excellent bonus track "Of Yesterday" having more than enough pull of their own, and perfectly balancing the visceral and the beautiful in a fashion that only the best pop albums in any genre manage.
I could happily wait another four years for another album this good from OYR, but I'm hoping I don't have to.
- Review by Nathan Ford
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"Whereas others choose noise, on ‘A Rose Made Of Galaxies’, this UK band opt for the jangly, dreamy, poppy route and stick to this winning formula throughout. Emma Hayward expresses her words clearly and with a distinctly English air of innocence; recalling acts such as Snowblind and The Sundays in her bittersweet delivery. Meanwhile, guitarist Ross King and multi-instrumentalist Philip John Major provide the drive and chiming melody. In fact Major tries lead vocals himself and his doleful tones are perfectly suited to the despair and longing of ‘The Sea’ and the wistful ‘Some Things Are’..the bonus track tacked on at the end of the album, the dramatic, exuberant ‘Of Yesterday’, turns out to be one of the stand out songs..‘A Rose Made Of Galaxies’ is a strong album, creating infectious songs which are balanced on the knife edge between despair and euphoria."
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